Lavender and lemon handmade soap


Don't panic, you ARE in the right place. This IS a blog about handmade jewellery. It's just that its owner (me!) most of the time simply cannot resist the world of handcrafted products and she likes trying new things!

One day, surfing in the net, I discovered the universe of handmade soaps, and it didn't take long before I decided to give it a try. In fact it took so little time that my first attempt wasn't at all worth taking a picture of!;)

But stubborn as I am, I continued my experiments and I dare say my soaps became better and better. Now it's been almost two years since we bought the last bar of industrial soap. We like handmade soap sooo much, with no conservatives and artificial aditives, “made to order” just for and by ourselves.

In this post you can see the result of my last experiments, a 100% natural soap made with castor, jojoba and sweet almonds oils (and some more) and perfumated with lemon and lavender essential oils. It smells sooooo good, it cleanses perfectly.

I made it in a friend's house since she wanted to see and learn how to make a natural soap, too, so I moved my “laboratory” to her place and we spent a great afternoon together, thanks sis!